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Cowboy Jamo™
Book this high-energy, captivating entertainer for your special event today! Good for just about any occassion, festival or party. Your guests will be delighted at his antics and will provide memories nobody is sure to forget.

Barmitzvahs & Other Social Gatherings
Children's Parties
TV Show Appearances
PhotoShop Goodness
Stuff that doesn't fit on any other page, but yet deserves to be seen.
Here's what I found in my dead Xbox 360.
Poor little guy cooked to death.

Spar Wars™
Download the hit 1995 series on new, hi-def PDF format. Beware... these are riddled with inside jokes that only about 3 people will understand (aka: Jaycurl, JWonder and Anti-Snake Man).

If you do happen to view them and aren't of this select group, be advised that the drawing contained inside was done as fast as I could just to get these done and is mostly just used as a visual aid to the inside jokes of our high school days, done during high school.

Spar Wars
Spar Wars: The Academy Strikes Back
Spar Wars: Return of the Judo

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