Mi sc Art
Some examples of projects I've done for personal use as well as for companies I've worked for.
Snork Solo in Carbonite  
Darth Smurf
Darth Smurf
Darth Smurf
My Collection of Darth Smurf-inspired Illustrator designs.
Album art for a contest on NBC.com.
Above is the coloring book we made (Tracy wrote, I illustrated) for a family friend's child. She thoroughly enjoyed it.
These are a few samples of charcoal drawings I have done of pets. Want one? All I need is a good photo. Request one here.
Wildstorms CCG Online Card Game

These cards have been created to expand the original Wildstorms CCG that started in 1995 and ended a few years later. With the ability to now play card games online, me and my friends have decided to continue making unofficial cards to the game to keep it alive and well and you too can play that game at www.ccgworkshop.com These cards are not official and are not for profit either. They have been created because we love the game and hated to see it die off before its time. These are the cards that could have been and they are there for entertainment purposes only.

You can view all of the cards I have created by clicking here.

Legends of the 3 Kingdoms Online Card Game

Here are the card templates for an online game that is in development by my friend Jason Roosevelt and others. I will also be doing a lot of the card art which will be placed in the white boxes. Look for more as the game comes closer to completion.

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